Q: I need a lab order, a copy of lab results or other office records.  How can I obtain these?
Please either call our office and provide us with a fax number for where these documents can be sent or send us a self addessed stamped envelope.  Please be sure to either state which specific document you are requesting.  You may also pick up lab slips or lab results at the office.  Please call in advance to request copies.

Q: How can I obtain a copy of my medical records?
Please download our medical release form from the Forms section of this website  Please fill out all relevant information and either mail back to our office or fax to: (415) 921-7000.  If you are requesting a copy of your records to be sent to another physician's office, we offer this service free of charge.  If you are requesting a personal copy, there will be a $15 charge.  Please include a check for that amount made out to "Diversified Medical Records Services" with your request.  Please note that it takes approximately 2 weeks for us to process your request. 

Q:  How can I most easily get my medications refilled?
A:  The best way to refill existing prescriptions is to have your pharmacy fax a request to (415) 921-7000.  If your pharmacy uses "Surescripts" - an electronic prescribing tool - they may also submit the request electronically.  Please allow 2 days for medication refills.

Q:  Why do I have to wait so long to see my doctor?
A:  Unfortunately, our physicians' schedules are often quite full.  It is common for physical exams to book out 6-8 weeks in advance.  We attempt to reserve spaces for acute appointments, but often rely on our Nurse Practitioners to accommodate patients on short notice.  The Nurse Practitioners' schedules are less full, allowing us in most cases to offer patients same day appointments. 

Q:  What is a Nurse Practitioner?
  A Nurse Practitioner is a Registered Nurse who has undergone additional education and specialty training.  The Nurse Practitioners at our office work closely with the Physicians to provide comprehensive care to our patients.  They are skilled in physical examination and the treatment of many chronic and acute issues within primary care.  Like Medical Doctors, Nurse Practioners can prescribe medications and refer to specialists.

Q: Does my doctor accept my insurance? 
: Our physicians accept most major insurance carriers. We stongly advise that all patients call their insurance company before an appointment to ensure that their provider is "in network" with their specific plan. We are not responsiible for services rendered if the provider was out of network. 


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